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Three Kingdom 2

A Summary of Three Kingdoms 2

The Three Kingdoms 2 video slot’s vibrant theme is so adorable. Three separate kingdoms fighting it out on the reels under flags of various colors is the main focus. The three kingdoms 2 gameplay adds a lot of value in addition to the fantastic aesthetics, and everything comes together to provide a fantastic experience.

the Three Kingdoms 2 action can be seen all around you in this type of gaming. Particularly the cascade mechanic moves things quickly and makes room for numerous additional wins. However, there are other extra features included as well. With these traits, there is a greater concentration of value and greater potential for large wins.

It’s challenging to express in words how gorgeous the Three Kingdoms 2 online slot game looks on the visual side. Simply checking it out yourself is considerably simpler. There are many different characters represented on the Three Kingdoms 2 board, and each one has a unique personality that is evident in the way things are displayed. Fafa855php had the option of using a far less intricate art approach, but they chose not to. Instead, they went all out in making sure that this was how they intended people to experience this game. It turned out to be an aesthetically pleasing experience as a result.

Betting and Layout

The Three Kingdoms 2  format makes it very simple to get started. If you’ve played any casino online slots at all, you’ve undoubtedly played online slot machines with an identical layout. The following information will help you get started:

  • The game’s symbols are pushed onto the playing board by a set of five vertical reels. The standard 5×3 video slot configuration will be created, with three being displayed at a time.
  • There are 20 pay lines available for wagering, and they are all fixed. The number of active players is fixed, and they only ever pay in order from the far left.
  • Per-line betting adjustments are available to players. The minimum and maximum bets per line are each worth 1 Peso and 10 Pesos, respectively.
  • On the right side of the spin button, you can see the entire amount wagered. The total betting range also ranges from 10 Pesos to 2500 Pesos for every spin. This, in our opinion, is sufficiently inclusive to suit just about everyone.

We appreciate the way the volatility in this slot was controlled. Because of how the cascade feature operates and how the pay table is set up with wilds, the hit rate is higher than usual. The supplementary features do, however, also add a fair bit of value at the same time. The outcome is volatility that is marginally below average but not by enough to be classified as medium-low volatility.

The pay table adjusts to reflect the precise currency amounts you can win when you alter your bet size. We’ll list victories as a multiple of your total wager amount, though. This, in our opinion, is the simplest approach to remaining aware of how much you can gain.

Playthrough and Features

The Three Kingdoms 2 online slot game has a really powerful feature set and provides players with a ton of action. Furthermore, everything is set up such that you can jump in and pick up playing quite quickly. We’ve broken down each feature below to demonstrate how it functions and what the game mechanics are like in standard mode making that process as straightforward as feasible.

Feature of Cascade

This game’s gameplay mechanic is a simple cascade. When you win, the winnings are handed out, and the winning symbols then burst into flames. The symbols that then descend from above fill the space.

The game checks for victories as usual once the board is once more covered in symbols. If you receive more rewards, the process resumes.  how you initiate the free spins mode has an impact on how frequently this can occur.

Wild Flag Symbols

If the game’s name didn’t already give it away, this slot is about a conflict between three separate kingdoms. Three colors—purple, green, and blue—serve as their representations in this title. The flags of these three kingdoms serve as wild symbols. There is no significant functional distinction between the three of them, but they all cooperate and work well together.

When these wild flags are lined up on an active pay line, you can receive winnings in the following ways:

  • 50x Five of a Kind
  • 7.5x for Four of a Kind
  • 0.75% for Three of a Kind

It’s important to realize that these wilds increase the value of the cascade feature. That’s because they make achieving other victories simpler than it would be otherwise. Additionally, you benefit from the additional cascades that are started by those wins in addition to the rewards received from those substitutions.

Bonus feature for the lucky wheel

Bonus weapon icons can be found on the third, fourth, and fifth reels. In the Three Kingdoms 2 video slot, the Lucky Wheel Bonus Feature is activated when all three appear simultaneously on the gaming board.

With each spin of the Lucky Wheel, there is a chance to earn a different payout. Additionally, you may receive many spins at random, and following each spin, the value of the symbols on the wheel increases by two. Consequently, there is a prospect for compounding multipliers and even bigger rewards.

Free Spins for Three Kingdoms 2

 access the Three Kingdoms 2 free spins feature, you must receive four or more cascades in a succession on the same paid spin.  How many cascades are utilized to trigger determines how many free spins you receive  here is a breakdown of the number you can obtain:

  • Cascades 7+: 20 bonus spins
  • 6 cascades and 10 bonus spins
  • 5 cascades and 5 free spins
  • 4 cascades, 4 bonus spins

You have the option to retrigger the free spins mode. This will increase your total by the indicated amount of free turns from above. For instance, if you receive six cascades on a free spin, you will receive 10 additional turns.

Additionally, it’s important to note that Fafa855php omitted a maximum from this. This means that when the feature is activated, you can receive as many consecutive free spins as you choose.

Gaining Advantage in Three Kingdoms 2

The volatility for this game is a little below normal, as we said farther up. We don’t necessarily advise a betting modification, though. If you wish to make up for it, you can slightly increase your bet size, which will also somewhat raise your volatility.

That being said, it’s not required. There will still be some opportunities for you to win features with greater rewards than usual. Additionally, the standard pay table delivers some respectable winnings, particularly when combined with the wilds and cascade function.

Incentives for Three Kingdoms 2

The payout for the golden dragon symbol is 50x for five of a type, the same as the wild. From then, the purple kingdom’s ruler gives you 25 times for five. The value of five blue or green kings is 10x or 6x, respectively.

The woman in red completes the character symbols. She pays you 3.75 times for five in a row. Five of either the red horse or the white feathered fan symbols will also earn you 1.5x rewards.


The Three Kingdoms 2 video slot’s feature-focused gameplay philosophy focuses on giving slot enthusiasts a ton of enjoyment. With its top-notch graphics and feature-rich gameplay, this game was a standout for Fafa855php and fits well into its overall portfolio. The padding that the abundance of features adds to your bottom line, especially the cascades, is what we believe players will love most about this game.

This is a game you won’t want to miss out on if you’ve loved previous online slots with an Asian-inspired theme. We also really like how the visual appeal allows players to play in a more concentrated and meticulous manner.

Frequently Ask Questions

Where can I play Three Kingdoms 2 online?

Our website Fafa855php provides Three Kingdoms 2. All the Information regarding the mechanics, reels, etc is specified above.

What is Three Kingdoms 2’s Return to Player (RTP)?

The RTP for The Three Kingdoms 2 is 96.0%. Three Kingdoms 2 is among the slots with an average Return to Players with an RTP of 96.0%. It would need to have a high RTP of at least 98% to qualify.

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