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Dragon Tiger Online

Dragon Tiger Online

The Complete Dragon Tiger Online Guide

Dragon Tiger Online and the well-known card game Baccarat are frequently compared. Both games use two cards. Dragon Tiger Online was first made available in Cambodia, but it has now been widely available in online casinos all around the world. High rollers and streak bettors enjoy the game’s simplicity and brisk pace, which attracts Filipino players. 

The goal of the Baccarat fanatic game Dragon Tiger Online is to guess whether the Dragon or the Tiger possesses the higher card. You don’t compete with the dealer or other players like you do in other casino games. Predicting which hand will contain the top card is the game’s objective. Due to the lack of further card draws, Dragon Tiger is more comparable to Casino War than Baccarat.

Only two cards are in play, yet there are three possible outcomes. The winner will either be the Tiger or the Dragon, with a tie (push) outcome also being an option. There aren’t many side bets available in Dragon Tiger’s regular (Flash) variants. You can, however, wager on the winning card’s suit and whether it will be a Big or Small card. The Suited Tie optional bet, which has a fantastic payout, is available in the live version of the game.

Dragon Tiger Online (2)

How to Play Dragon Tiger Online

A typical 52-card deck is used to play Dragon Tiger Online, and it is dealt from a standard blackjack shoe. No jokers or wild cards are used. The player places a wager on either the Dragon or the Tiger to start the game. The highest card at the table wins when the dealer deals two cards face up on the layout. Aces are at the bottom of the deck while 10, J, Q, and K are at the top, according to the numerical value of the cards.

Dragon Tiger Online has a bigger edge than Baccarat or Casino War, but still being one of the easiest and most enjoyable games to play in online casinos. On the two major bets, the house edge is fixed at 3.73%, but it is larger on the tie bet.

There are 86,320 different outcomes for each hand when 52 decks are in use. Of these, approximately 6,448 might result in a tie with an 8:1 payout. The casino has a significant 32.77% edge on the tie. Your primary wager is repaid and the tie wager pays you a healthy 11:1 if you bet on a tie and the two hands are tied in rank regardless of suit.

In online casinos all throughout the world and in Asia, Dragon Tiger Online is quite well-liked. Since Evolution Gaming, the pioneer in live dealer game creation, published its own live version of Dragon Tiger, the game’s popularity has skyrocketed. Live Dragon Tiger has hundreds of players since it is a charming game with two potential side bets.

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Gaming Evolution Online Dragon Tiger

Gaming Evolution Online Dragon Tiger is well-liked. As the name suggests, it is a quick-paced game with rounds lasting only 25 seconds and set in a detailed landscape with Chinese symbols. There are two alternative side bets with payouts as high as 50:1, and lighting effects are timed to the results of each hand.

It’s easy to say that Online Dragon Tiger looks the part as it is streamed in full HD definition from one of Evolution’s several studios. The dealer deals two cards that are in competition onto the table to begin the game. Players wager on the highest card or whether there will be a tie in the round. The user-friendly interface of Evolution gives players thorough statistics for every turn as well as paths that help them forecast the results of the upcoming turns. Both main wagers (Dragon/Tiger) payout at a 1:1 ratio.

The game’s interface makes it simple to learn how to play. Colored indicators make it simple to determine how much time you have remaining to put in a wager. Don’t worry if you miss a turn; there will be another one in 30 seconds. To the delight of many players, Evolution’s Dragon Tiger Online is among the fastest live dealer games we’ve experienced.

Dragon Tiger Online FAQ

Is  Dragon Tiger Online a Free Game?

Unfortunately, Online Casinos do not offer free games like Dragon Tiger Online. However, you may be able to watch others play for free in some casinos. That ought to be sufficient to acquaint you with the game and your available options.

Should I Bet on the Tie?

Although the Tie bet has a tempting reward, due to the significant house edge, experts advise against placing it. The Suited Tie bet has an even higher house advantage. However, it is up to you if you feel lucky.

Is There a Winning Dragon Tiger Online Strategy?

No, and you really shouldn’t try to use one. A fun and easy game that doesn’t take much strategy is called Dragon Tiger. You can guess the results of the next turns easily because there aren’t many alternatives available to gamble on and data from past turns.

Is Baccarat the Same as Dragon Tiger Online?

Although the gameplay of Dragon Tiger Online and Baccarat Online is similar, they are not the same game. Compared to Baccarat, Dragon Tiger Online has a significantly larger house edge. 


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